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The BBQ craze is popping up all over the world. There is a variety of types of BBQ joints that all seem to have their own special flair. This is something that I am somewhat close too. As a child, my father was always cooking. Everyone in our town knew that if they had a nice cut of meat, taking it to him would result in the best flavor. My brother and I always said he should just open his own business. With as many people who would show up at my house with the deer they just got while hunting that day, He might as well charge for it. My dad was also famous for his homemade jerky. There is a funny story about my dad’s jerky stock just disappearing. My dad came home one day and went to get a bag of jerky from his stock he would keep set aside, and to his surprise, there was almost nothing left. He found out that my brother had taken the bags one by one, bringing them to school and selling the jerky for $1 a piece at lunch! At Least we knew it would sell though!!

Finally, years later he did decide to start-up his own business with my brother. You can check out his business by clicking Roillin‘ Smoke Mobile BBQ and Catering. They had a custom designed smoker rig that was personalized to meet their needs. After the design process with the company, they built the rig and it was time to pick it up!

Rollin Smoke BBQ has become a popular staple in town. He specializes in smoking all types of meats, but sticks to the classics for most events.  His pulled pork, smoked chicken, and ribs are all delicious, but the real treat is his brisket.  I’m sure you’ve never had brisket like this! He is open throughout summer on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 11am till he sells out… so get there early.  It does not end with the summer though. This business also does catering for weddings and other events such as company picnics and more!



My brother and my dad had eventually split the business and my dad continued with Rollin’ Smoke Mobile BBQ and Catering while my brother started another roadside BBQ stand called Nomad BBQThey both still sometimes work together at different events and they have dominated the roadside BBQ in Harrisburg, PA.

Nomad BBQ has commonly eaten dishes often seen from a roadside BBQ, but they also are developing fun new trends such as their signature breakfast burritos.

I encourage you to check out their page, like and follow them on social media and if you are in the area be sure to stop by and enjoy the best BBQ you will ever have!

Every town seems to have stories like these with their beloved BBQ stands. If you have a BBQ stand that stands out, be sure to go to my contact page and send me your story. You could be the next featured business!





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